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Lessons are held in a variety of different locations around the Central North Island. These classes plus others are available as single Workshops at your studio

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Pole Fitness Courses & Casual Classes

Pole fitness is;

-       Fun

-       Challenging

-       A total body workout. You will use every muscle in your body during each lesson as well as learning basic safe practices of warm up, cool down and stretching.

-       Suitable for a wide range of participants. No limits for experience, age, height, shape, weight or gender. That’s right, boys can pole too.

-       A great activity for weight loss, increasing strength, flexibility, confidence and over all wellbeing.

Pole fitness is not;

-       Stripper school. This is the main misconception that stops people from allowing themselves to give pole a try, they’re scared they might catch stripper germs. This will not happen. If you come for a fitness class then you will get a fitness class. Please don’t hate on strippers, they are just people like you and I with highly specialised jobs in the service industry.

-       Only for super strong, super flexible, super athletic people. You do not need to have done gymnastics, been attending the gym for x amount of time, be under a certain weight or have any pre-existing physical skills. You learn these when you come to pole class. Over time you will gain strength, flexibility and confidence and you will very likely lose weight too. No one is an expert after the first lesson, every pro was once an amateur.

What to expect – Fun exercise! Each class (regardless of level) will consist of a gentle warm up, some strength conditioning exercises, spins and tricks on the pole concluding with a stretch and cool down.

What to wear – Comfortable stretchy clothing. A t-shirt or singlet and shorts is ideal, avoid yoga pants, tights and ¾ leggings as you will need bare leg skin on the pole for grip. Leg warmers are a good idea if you have them. Bare feet or gym shoes. Do not moisturise your hands and legs on the day you have class, this makes your skin slippery and unable to grip the pole.

What to bring – Water, a towel and a smile


Yoga Courses & Casual Classes

There are 3 styles of class currently available and suitable for all ages and abilities.

Yoga for general well being.

This is a class that covers many facets of yoga and is very beneficial for your everyday life. You will learn physical postures and stretches that will increase circulation, mobility in your joints and strengthen and tone your muscles. Various breathing exercises and meditations for stress relief and relaxation. Yoga is also very helpful for injury prevention and recovery.


Yoga for dancers.

These lessons are specifically designed for dancers to help with warming up for training or performing. Working on some specific flexibility techniques and some injury prevention/management advice.  


Splits and Back bending.

The title says it all but please don’t be put off by it. In this class you will be doing stretches and exercises to assist you in working towards your splits i.e. hip openers, hamstrings, straddles, forward bends etc. Along with gentle mobility exercises to increase movement and flexibility in your spine and strengthening your core so you can support a beautiful back bend.


Attire for yoga – Comfortable stretchy clothing like tights and t-shirt/singlet, leotard/unitard etc

Bring your own mat, blanket and strap if you have them (limited amount supplied)

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